We became well-known as agronomic service providers in 2013, when we started to launch the first Soil-Airing Machine nation-wide in Hungary. After the successful operation of this pioneer, we started to develop a more divided portfolio which have the objective to offer adequate solutions for the most difficult challenges of precision agriculture. We invented and have developed products that make it possible to defend our plantations from frostbite and inland water. Furthermore, the brand new Smart-egg has opened new connections between specific, real-time managing and precision agriculture. We can also install trellis systems into vineyards and renew the ground of any green areas like sports courts, parks or riding halls. Fortunately, there are 30 years of experience available for us in many segments of agriculture, because we could notice all those problems in our own plantations, for which today’s Farago-Precision products have been developed. Our team is divided in knowledge as well, since great engineers represent us from different fields such as agricultural engineer, electric engineer and mechanical engineer. Besides them, a software developer and economist team are behind us. Together, our mission is to contribute in increasing the number of healthy, smartly and efficiently managed farms through helping farmers who are open to new solutions in order to maximize their potential benefits. Wish you successful farming, Farago-Precision team

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